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Terms and Conditions

If you contact MC Electric to provide electrical services for you, the following terms and conditions apply to the sale.


Payment Terms

The entire invoiced amount for the total project of the described work, unless otherwise agreed apon in physical written documentation or through direct email communication with MC Electric the company or it's authorized representatives. Any payment not received within 10 days from completion of work once invoiced is subject to interest at the highest amount lawfully allowed by contract in the state in which the work was performed until paid in full.  If applicable, sales tax is included in the price.  If MC Electric commences litigation or employs attorneys to collect payment for any amount due it from customer.  Customer agrees to pay reasonable costs and attorney's fees which may be due.  If Customer's check does not clear, Customer will be liable for more than the check amount plus the face value of the check and court costs. It shall be at MC Electrics sole discretion to remove any or all parts from installation if payment is not received in the full amount due within 90 days, and MC electric shall not be held responsible for and finish repairs arising from removal of the installation.

Collection Costs

Customer agrees that they shall pay all expenses incurred by MC Electric for the collection of delinquent accounts including, but not limited to : all attorney's fees, filing fees, court costs. Any and all disputes arising out of the sale shall be interpreted under the laws of the state in which the work was performed. Customer agrees to pay collection fees, reasonable attorney's fees and court costs in the event of legal action.


Standard warranty is 1 year on labor and parts (Not including batteries, bulb, ballasts, drivers or other wearable parts.) supplied by MC Electric.  MC

Electric Warrants that all work performed, shall be performed in a workmanlike manner as defined the National Electrical Code, and be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 365 days from date that the work under warranty was completed.  MC Electric's obligation for defective products and or workmanship or any damages caused thereby, and customers exclusive remedy, shall be limited, at MC Electric's discretion

to the replacement of and defective parts or workmanship of the refund of amounts paid by customer for service and conditioned apon MC Electric receiving written notice of the warranty issue within the warranty period noted herein. Items disclosed on invoice and declined by customer or customer supplied equipment may be excluded from warranty.  The product may have limited or no warranty if the installation or parts of the installation have been purposefully or accidently damaged  or used in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturers recommendations or worked or replaced,  by anyone other than MC Electric or it's employees during the warranty period.  All warranties must be inspected and approved by MC Electric before any repair is made or warranty is voided.  Warranty is not transferable.  MC Electric is not liable for damages caused by weather or acts of god, essential maintenance items not reviewed by customer, or manufacture defects.

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